Processor unit NAVNET VX2 BB Furuno


The RPU-015 is a NavNet VX2 Black Box Processor Unit. The NavNet BlackBox systems are designed for users who wish to have a larger monitor than 10.4″ LCD.

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The display unit may be selectable from virtually any size of multi-sync PC monitor supporting VGA input as a main monitor. The processor unit accommodates NTSC/PAL video interface as standard. Connected with an external video camcorder, you can monitor the anchor, engine room and stern deck etc. in addition to the radar, sounder and plotter display in one screen. The standard features and operations are all the same as our 10.4″ NavNet series.

For Furuno Systems: 1824C-BB, 1834C-BB, 1934C-BB, 1944C-BB, 1954C-BB, 1964C-BB, GD-1920C-BB

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